Cocoo Summer Blanket

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IMG_4257 2.JPG

Cocoo Summer Blanket

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Used as a coverlet, throw blanket or in place a top sheet, our Island Bungalow Hawaii's airy and breathable summer blankets are handcrafted from three layers of fine cotton:

The trim and interior layers are block printed by hand, which is then sandwiched between two layers of fine cotton muslin, allowing the custom vine design to show subtly through. This blanket is exceptionally soft as the outer layers remain unprinted and will become softer with each wash.  Pair the summer blanket with a pair of summer pillows for a restful sleep.

All summer blankets are available in twin, queen or king sizes.  


Twin 60" x 94"

Queen 90" x 112"

King 110" x 112"

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